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Welcome to Standard Moves. Each gif illustrates a specific movement, demonstrated by world-class health, yoga and fitness instructors and is accompanied with tips for optimum performance. "Follow us" down the path of englightenment.
Uttana Shishosana
Extended Puppy Pose
Liana Schmidt
Come to hands and knees, table top position. Keeping your hips over your knees, begin to walk the hands forward, allowing the chest to open towards the mat as the chin reaches towards the floor. Keep the arms engaged, don’t let the elbows touch the floor. Stay and take 3 steady breaths, the heart reaching closer to the floor with every exhale. Push the hips back to the heels to rest.
Good for stretching the spine and shoulder.
Standard Moves presented by PUMA.
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Partner Yoga 
Restorative Backbend
Christy Nones McKenzie & Gavin McKenzie
Come to sitting, back to back with your partner and interlace arms. As one person begins to move forward, the other releases gently over partner’s back, opening through the chest and releasing the head back. Stay for 3 breaths and switch.
Good for chest, heart and shoulder opener.
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3 sets of 20 reps
Mical Amedia

Press the pelvis into the floor as you begin to raise the legs and arms up, parallel to the floor, creating a slight backbend. Hold for 3 deep breaths.

Good for flexibility, improving posture and boosting energy.
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Adho Mukha Svanasana 
Downward Facing Dog Variation with Split
Kelly Ann Charles
Come to hands and knees. Curl the toes under and press firmly and equally through both palms, as you straighten the legs to press back into down dog. Extend one leg towards the ceiling as you come up onto the ball of the opposite foot and press the chest towards the thigh.
Good for strengthening and energizing the entire body.
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3 sets of 15 - 20 reps
Brad Plotkin
Come to standing. Fold forward, bringing hands to the floor. Jump feet back, landing lightly on the balls of the feet, coming into a plank position. Keep core engaged, and jump forward. To increase difficulty, add a pushup before jumping forward.
Good for core, arm, and leg strength and cardiovascular health.
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Upward Plank Pose
Melissa Castaneda
Come to reverse table top position. Straighten legs with heels pressing into the floor, toes pointed forward. Press your inner feet and hands down into your mat and lift your hips towards the ceiling. Imagine there is a string attached to your pelvis pulling it up towards the ceiling.
Good for arm strength, shoulder flexibility and balance.
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Virabhadrasana II to Viparita Virabhadrasana 
Warrior II to Reverse Warrior
Nicola Brisuela and Ewa Josefsson
Come to Warrior II position. Keeping front leg at 90 degrees, slide right hand down right leg and extend opposite arm over ear, opening up through your side obliques.
Good for stretching, strengthening the legs and balance.
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Wild Thing
Melissa Castaneda
Imagine a string is attached to the pelvis, pulling it up towards the ceiling as you reach the arm over ear and cheek to come into the backbend. Take 3 deep steady breaths, staying open through the heart center. 
Good for hip flexor, chest and shoulder opener.
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Modified Cow Pose (“Tabletop”)
Mical Amedia
Come to hands and knees. Shoulders over the wrists, hips over the knees. Balance, engage your core, send one arm forward and the opposite leg back. Lengthen and hold for a few breaths, switch sides and repeat.
Good for core strength and balance.
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Cat/Cow Pose
Arianne Traverso
Cat/Cow is a great way to warm up the spine. Make sure the arms are straight and aligned under the shoulders, then flex and arch the spine letting the heart lift and descend between the shoulder blades. When flexing, tuck the chin to the chest to activate the abdominals and also work the cervical spine. When arching, lift the chin to stretch the front of the neck, but make sure not to compress the cervical vertebrae too much by over extending. A great morning pose.
Good for flexibility and warming up the core.
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