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Welcome to Standard Moves. Each gif illustrates a specific movement, demonstrated by world-class health, yoga and fitness instructors and is accompanied with tips for optimum performance. "Follow us" down the path of englightenment.
Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana
Compass Pose

Cristal Gould

Come to sit in a comfortable, cross-legged position. Bend the right knee, hugging it into the chest. Lift the right leg with the left hand and thread the right arm underneath the right knee, bringing the fingertips to the floor. Lift the right knee as high up onto the right shoulder as possible, and bring the left hand to the outside edge of the left foot. Inhale deeply and on the exhale begin to straighten the right leg, simultaneously bringing the left arm back behind the head. Send the gaze up towards the left arm, stay and breathe steadily for 3 rounds. Release and switch sides.

Good for hamstring and shoulder stretch and opener.
Standard Moves presented by PUMA. 
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Child’s Pose
Liana Schmidt
Start by coming to hands and knees, table top position. Walk the hands forward a few inches and at the same time begin to sit back on the heels, bringing the belly to rest in between the thighs and the forehead to rest on the mat. Take 3 – 5 breaths in this resting pose, releasing the hips towards the heels with every exhale.
Good for calming the brain and relieving stress
Standard Moves presented by PUMA. 
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Upavistha Konasana
Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend
Kelly Ann Charles
Come to an easy crossed leg position. Open the legs out wide into a V shape. Sit up tall and make sure the knees are pointing straight up to the ceiling and not rolling in towards the center. Draw the belly in and start to walk the fingertips forward, stay here and breath, releasing further forward with every exhale. If you are advanced, the forearms or chest may come to rest on the floor. Stay for 3 steady breaths and release.
Good for strengthening of the back.
Standard Moves presented by PUMA.
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Marjaryasana - Bitilasana
Cat Pose to Cow Pose
Kelly Ann Charles
Come to hands and knees, table top position. Bring your shoulders over the wrists and hips over the knees. On an inhale, begin to arch the back, pointing the tailbone up towards the ceiling, looking up towards the ceiling. On an exhale, press into the palms and round the spine, tucking the tailbone under and bringing the chin in towards the chest. Continue to do 5 more rounds, using the breath as your guide.
Good for stretching the full torso and neck.
Standard Moves presented by PUMA.
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Ardha Chandrasana
Half Moon Pose with Bind
Nicola Brisuela
Come to Warrior II. Place fingertips on floor to the outside foot of bent leg and kick up to balance, straightening standing leg.
Press fingertips and foot of standing leg firmly into the floor, simultaneously lifting opposite leg parallel to the floor, keeping hips stacked. Reach back to grab your foot, kicking your foot into your hand to create the backbend.
Good for stretching the groins, hamstrings and calves, shoulders, chest and spine.
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Easy Pose
Dwight Garcia
Come to sitting. If the knees do not easily come to the floor, sit on a block or rolled up blanket, so the hips are higher than the knees (as shown). Sit up tall, keeping a long spine, crown of the head reaching towards the ceiling, knees descending towards the floor. On an inhale, sweep the arms out to the side and overhead. On the exhale, lower arms down, resting the hands in prayer at the heart center.
Good for calming the mind and stretching knees and ankles.
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Janu Sirsasana
Head to Knee Forward Bend
Melissa Castaneda
Come to sitting. Extend one leg straight out in front of the body. Bring sole of opposite foot against inner thigh of straight leg. Exhale as you extend forward from the groin, not the hips. Do not hunch the back, rather telescope the spine forward as you reach for the foot.
Good for spine, shoulder, hamstring and hip stretch.
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"Dancer’s Pose" 
Arianne Traverso & Sara Stamey Khouri
Come to flying position with your partner. The “flyer” backbends into “base’s” feet, then reaches for one foot with one hand in between the legs and the other hand around the other leg, pulls down on the foot to then bring opposite knee into chest, with a long extension of free leg. 
Good for the “flyer” stretching the front body, quad and hamstrings. Good for base strength and stability in legs and hips.
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Full Lotus
Christy Nones McKenzie
Come to sitting. Hug right knee into chest, grab ankle and foot with both hands and place top of right foot on left thigh. You can stay here in half lotus or come into the full pose by also bringing top of left foot on right thigh. Sit up tall, close the eyes and breathe.
Good for hip opening and meditation.
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Pigeon Pose
Kelly Ann Charles
Press the top of the back foot into the floor, raising the knee, to help square the pelvis forward. Place fingertips by the hips and roll the shoulders back to open the chest. Hold for 3 steady breaths. To increase the stretch, walk the hands forward and come to lying on front leg.
Good for hip opener, thigh, groin and psoas stretch.
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