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Welcome to Standard Moves. Each gif illustrates a specific movement, demonstrated by world-class health, yoga and fitness instructors and is accompanied with tips for optimum performance. "Follow us" down the path of englightenment.
Cobra Pose Variation
Kelly Green 

Start lying face down on the mat, arms down by the sides, legs long with tops of the feet on the floor. Bring the palms flat to line up with the lower ribs, keeping the elbows hugging in towards eachother. Press into the palms and the tops of the feet and start to peel the chin, chest and belly off of the mat, straightening through the arms. Firm the shoulder blades against the back as the heart and chest open; the head slowly dropping back to open the throat. Stay here, taking 3 steady breaths. To create a more intense backbend, start to bend the knees, reaching the toe tips towards the crown of the head. Slowly release to the belly and repeat.

Good for spine strength. Chest, lungs, shoulders, and abdomen stretch. Stimulates abdominal organs. Eases asthma.
Standard Moves presented by PUMA.
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Setu Bandha Sarvangasana
Bridge Pose
Kelly Ann Charles
Start lying on the back with arms extended down by the sides, palm facing down. Bend the knees and bringing the heels close to the body, ankles right under the knees. Press into the soles of the feet and lift the hip points towards the ceiling. Keep rolling the shoulders underneath the chest, bringing the chest closer to the chin. Continue to press the feet and palms down as the hips lift higher. Stay for 3 steady breaths and release down on the exhale.
Good for chest, neck and spine stretch. 
Standard Moves presented by PUMA.
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Parsva Bakasana
Side Crow
Christy Nones McKenzie
Start standing. Keeping the feet and legs together, sit down into a squat and come to balance on the balls of the feet. Raise the right arm up and lengthen through the right side and begin to twist the torso to the left, hooking the right elbow to the outside of the left knee. Place the palm down and place the palm of left hand down so lithely are shoulder width apart. Bend the elbows in, creating a 90 degree angle with the arms, like doing a tricep push up. Come onto the tippy toes and lean forward so the thigh is resting on the triceps. Hold for 3 steady breaths and switch sides.
Good for core, arm, wrist and spine strength.
Standard Moves presented by PUMA.
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Utthita Parsvakonasana
Extended Side Angle Pose
Dashama Gordon 
Start in a plank position, top of a push up. Bring one foot forward to the outside of the hand, leg will be at a 90 degree angle, so you are in a low lunge with both arms on the inside of the leg. Spin the back foot down so it is at a 45 degree angle with the mat. Start to rotate the chest open towards the ceiling as you press the palm of the hand closest to the foot into the floor and at the same time lift the opposite hand towards the ceiling, reaching through the fingertips. Hold for 3 breaths, then switch sides
Good for leg, knee, and ankle strength.
Standard Moves presented by PUMA.
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Ardha Matsyendrasana 
Half Lord of the Fishes
Liana Schmidt
Start seated with legs long out in front of the body. Sit up tall, bringing the fingertips by the hips. Bend one leg in towards the chest and cross it over the extended leg. Hug the knee close to the chest and begin to twist, hooking the elbow of the opposite arm to the outside of the bent knee. Bring the other hand to the floor behind the low back and gaze past the shoulder. On the inhale, lengthen the spine and crown of the head towards the ceiling, on the exhale press the elbow against the knee and twist deeply. Hold the pose for 3 steady breaths, twisting deeper with every exhale. Switch sides and repeat.
Good for shoulder, neck and hip stretch.
Standard Moves presented by PUMA.
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Fire Log Pose
Kelly Ann Charles
Come to sitting with legs long. Bend one leg in, bringing the shin parallel to the top of the mat. Bring the other leg on top, placing the ankle on top of the knee, so the shins are stacked. Sit for 3 steady breaths. To increase the stretch, start to walk the fingertips forward, folding over the lap. Return to starting position and switch so the opposite leg is on top.
Good for hip flexibility.
Standard Moves presented by PUMA.
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Medicine Ball Double Crunch
3 sets of 25 reps
Brad Plotkin
Grasp ball between hands, arms overhead. Lift shoulder blades off the floor, keeping arms straight and reach for toes of lifted leg. Switch to other leg and repeat. 
Good for core and arm strength.
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Full Split
Nicola Brisuela
Come to standing on the knees. Stretch one leg forward, heel on the floor, flexing toes in towards the face. Keeping hips square, begin releasing leg forward to start coming into a split.
Scissor your thighs together to both square and stabilize the pelvis forward, then extend arms over head and breathe. 
Good for hamstring stretch.
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Virabhadrasana II 
Warrior II
Mary Robertson
Come to standing. Step one leg back into a lunge and place foot flat on floor at a 45 degree angle. Bend the front knee to 90 degrees, thigh parallel to the floor. Tuck the tailbone under slightly to engage the lower abdomen and stretch the arms out, parallel to the floor, keeping shoulders over hips.
Good for leg and ankle strength and balance.
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"Dancer’s Pose" 
Arianne Traverso & Sara Stamey Khouri
Come to flying position with your partner. The “flyer” backbends into “base’s” feet, then reaches for one foot with one hand in between the legs and the other hand around the other leg, pulls down on the foot to then bring opposite knee into chest, with a long extension of free leg. 
Good for the “flyer” stretching the front body, quad and hamstrings. Good for base strength and stability in legs and hips.
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