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Welcome to Standard Moves. Each gif illustrates a specific movement, demonstrated by world-class health, yoga and fitness instructors and is accompanied with tips for optimum performance. "Follow us" down the path of englightenment.
3 sets of 20 reps
Mical Amedia

Press the pelvis into the floor as you begin to raise the legs and arms up, parallel to the floor, creating a slight backbend. Hold for 3 deep breaths.

Good for flexibility, improving posture and boosting energy.
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Ardha Padmasana
Half Lotus with Side Stretch
Mical Amedia
Come to sitting, either with crossed legs or bring right leg into half lotus. Keep sitting bones grounded as you sweep arms overhead. Interlace fingers and press palms up towards the ceiling, keeping arms straight, triceps by the ears. Bend to one side, creating a C curve in the spine. Repeat on other side.
Good for arm, wrist and oblique stretch.
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Modified Cow Pose (“Tabletop”)
Mical Amedia
Come to hands and knees. Shoulders over the wrists, hips over the knees. Balance, engage your core, send one arm forward and the opposite leg back. Lengthen and hold for a few breaths, switch sides and repeat.
Good for core strength and balance.
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