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Welcome to Standard Moves. Each gif illustrates a specific movement, demonstrated by world-class health, yoga and fitness instructors and is accompanied with tips for optimum performance. "Follow us" down the path of englightenment.
Reverse Crunch Leg Lift
3 sets of 20 reps
Amy Steiner
Start lying on the back. Bring the knees into the chest then extend the legs straight, and perpendicular to the floor. Bring the fingertips behind the head with the elbows pointing out to the sides. Engage the core and lift the toes towards the sky, squeezing through the low belly and lifting the glutes and low back slightly off the floor. Release back down and then lift back up. Continue this move, going for 15 to 20 reps. Rest and repeat.

Good for core strength and toning.
Standard Moves presented by PUMA.

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Mountain Climber
Jason Mastrian
3 sets of 15 reps.
Start in plank position, top of a push up. Engage through the core and keeping the shoulders over the wrists and the hips squared towards the floor, start to draw the right knee in, squeezing it in towards the chest and right elbow. Release the leg back and draw left knee in. That was one rep. Continue this exercise for 15-20 reps and switch sides.
Good for core and arm strength. Balance and coordination.
Standard Moves presented by PUMA.
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Arda Chandrasana
Half Moon Pose with Bind Variation
Yana Guseva
Start standing. Fold forward and bring the fingertips to the floor in front of the toes. Inhale and lift the torso parallel to the floor. Start to lift the left leg up and back and at the same time, lift the left fingertips off the floor. Begin to rotate the left hip open, stacking the left hip on top of the right hip. Keep the standing leg strong and flex through the left foot. Keep the gaze down towards the right foot and lift the right fingertips off of the floor, coming to balance just on the right foot. Stay for 3 steady breaths. For the bind, start to bend the left leg, bringing the heel towards the body. Grab the foot with the left hand and kicking the foot into the hand to open the chest. Keep rolling the top shoulder open and hold for 3 breaths. Release and switch sides.

Good for balance and coordination. Back and hip stretch.

Standard Moves presented by PUMA.
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Single Leg Lunge Dips
Cat Haayen
3 sets of 15 reps
Start standing. Step the right foot forward coming into a lunge with the right knee above the ankle and thigh parallel to the floor. Sweep the arms out to a T shape with the palms facing up. Lift the chin and chest and roll the shoulder blades down the back. Start to bend deeper through the right knee until the left knee gently taps the floor. Press into the front foot and ball of the back foot to return to starting position. That was one rep. Keep going at a steady pace for 12 to 15 reps, then switch legs.
Good for arm, thigh and glute strength and toning. Balance.
Standard Moves presented by PUMA. 
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Push Up with Weighted Fly
Juan Lombo
3 sets of 15 reps
Come into plank position, top of a push-up, holding and resting on a dumbbell in each hand anywhere from 5 to 15 lbs. Engage the core and lower the body down, keeping the body in a straight line and parallel to the floor. Push back up into plank and while balancing your weight on one hand, lift the other arm out to the side, pointing the dumbbell up towards the sky, palm facing out. Try to keep the hip points squared towards the floor as the arm lifts. There will be a slight twist through the core. Return to plank and repeat push-up, switching the arm lift. That was 1 rep. Continue this combination going for 15 reps. Rest and repeat.
Good for full body exercise, core strength, balance and coordination.
Standard Moves presented by PUMA.
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Wild Thing
Sharon Aluma
Start seated. Draw the left knee into the chest, bringing the sole of the foot to the floor. Keep the right leg extended out in front of the body. Plant the right palm behind the right hip with the fingertips pointing away from the body. Begin to press into the right palm as you lift up onto the ball of the left foot. Keep lifting the hips up towards the sky and pressing the floor away with the right hand and ball of left foot. Reach the sole of the right foot towards the floor and straighten through the right leg. Keep lifting the hips up and opening through the heart and chest as the left arm extends, fingertips towards the floor. Stay for 3 steady breaths, retrace your steps to release to sitting and switch sides.
Good for chest, lung and shoulder opener. Quadricep and hip flexor stretch. Strengthens the shoulders and upper back.
Standard Moves presented by PUMA.
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Bird of Paradise
Paige Held
Start standing. Bring the feet slightly wider than hip width apart and fold forward. Bend the knees and start to lace the right arm behind the right leg, bringing the shoulder under the knee. Rotate the arm so the palm of the hand is facing out and reach the back of the hand to the low back. Wrap the left arm around, reaching the left hand towards the right hand and binding the fingers. Place all of the weight into the left foot and start to straighten the left leg, as you come on to the tippy toe of the right foot. On an inhale, slowly come up to standing, keeping the bind. Pause and breathe, keeping the chest open and lifted, making sure not to round forward. For a deeper stretch, try to straighten the binded leg. Hold for 3 steady breaths, then switch sides.
Good for balance. Chest, shoulder and hip stretch. Hip opener
Standard Moves presented by PUMA.
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Cristal Gould
Start by sitting on the heels with the tops of the feet on the floor. Sitting up tall, start to reach the arms up by the ears. At the same time, begin to lift the sitting bones up and off the heels. Leading with the heart and keeping the chest open, lift up and begin to arc back, reaching one hand and then the other towards the heels. Drop the head back last and keep rising up with the chest, lengthening the spine out of the low back. Stay for 3 steady breaths. Retrace the steps to release and repeat.
Good for chest, shoulder, core and total front body stretch. Improves posture.
Standard Moves presented by PUMA.
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Pincha Mayurasana
Feathered Peacock Pose with Scorpion Variation
Kelly Green
Start in downward facing dog. Drop down onto the forearms, palms flat, stacking the shoulders over the elbows. Keeping down dog legs, start to walk the feet forward towards the face, bringing the hips up and over the shoulders. Lift one leg up and then the other to come into the balance. Keep pressing the floor away with the forearms and send the gaze down and between the hands. Stay for 3 steady breaths. To add the Scorpion variation, begin to bend the legs, so that the knees point up towards the ceiling. Keep reaching the toe tips towards the crown of the head and breathe.
Good for shoulder, arm and back strength. Shoulder, neck, chest and core stretch. Balance and stress relief.
Standard Moves presented by PUMA.
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Eka Pada Rajakapotasana
One-Legged King Pigeon Pose
Dashama Gordon
Start in Downward Facing Dog. On an inhale, sweep the left leg up. As you exhale, draw the left knee in towards the chest and place it by the left wrist. Bring the shin to a 45 degree angle and flex the front foot. Bring the fingertips by the hips and on an inhale, sit up tall and lengthen the spine. Stay for 3 steady breaths, then switch sides.
Good for hip stretch and flexibility.
Standard Moves presented by PUMA.
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